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How to Download Your Own Instagram Stories and Data

There are various reasons why an individual ought to download their Instagram stories and, further, all their Instagram data. 

Maybe you posted something so wonderfully entertaining that it has the option to live in shame. Maybe you need to give your story to someone who isn’t on Instagram. Potentially you are following Instagram elevating data to give to an electronic media client, and you need visuals. This can benefit from outside assistance by electronic media checking programming. 

Luckily, the way to download your Instagram stories is stowing away by not genuinely attempting to cover up and that isn’t all. It is by and by possible to download all your Instagram data – photos, accounts, comments, profile information and that is just a glimpse of something larger. 

It is not difficult to download your Instagram stories from the adaptable application. 

Steps to download your own Instagram Stories: 

Open your Instagram application, and investigate your story. Click “More” to show the right corner of your screen.

download instagram stories more

Click “Save…” when the menu appears.

download instagram stories save story

Select “Save Story” if you should download the individual story slide. Select “Save Video” in case you have different stories slides up and you need them to save as a video.

download instagram stories save video

At the point when these records are saved, they will live in your camera move, with all the captions, gifs, and portrayals you’ve added moreover.

Steps to download all Instagram Data:

In case you are wanting to download past stories it’s possible and easy to do accordingly. 

In any case, go to your profile page on your flexible application and tap the upper right corner, where three-level lines appear.

download all instagram data profile page

By then, investigate Settings at the lower part of the page.

download all instagram data settings

Peer down to Data Download.

download all instagram data download

Enter your email address, by then snap Request Download you will get all your Instagram data in your email address.

download all instagram data email address
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