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How to Sell on Instagram

To make a sale on Instagram, you must have an attractive image that captures your audience’s attention. There are several options for this. You can use a paid service, such as Soldsie or CommentSold. Both offer different plans, starting at $49 per month. However, these services charge a transaction fee of 5.9%. Aside from an attractive image, you must also have a compelling caption that will capture the attention of the viewers.

Live Shopping events

If you’ve ever attended a live shopping event, you’ll know that consumers tend to prefer shopping in person over browsing through images or reading product descriptions. Live shopping events are also more likely to result in a lower return rate, according to research by Coresight. They also provide an opportunity to meet other buyers and build a community. Live shopping events on Instagram have proved to be especially effective for brands launching new products. In one example, Benefit used Instagram Live to introduce an exclusive mascara. During the event, a product was sold every minute.

Live selling through Instagram allows brands to reach a wider audience and speed up the checkout process. The goal is to move viewers through the sales funnel and convince them to buy before the end of the livestream. For this, it helps to use games and quizzes to attract more viewers. A giveaway is also a great way to generate interest and increase viewer engagement.

Live shopping on Instagram also offers a chance to get real-time feedback. This allows buyers to ask questions and get answers from celebrities and other influencers. Marketers can also benefit from these comments to better understand their customers’ needs and help them make purchasing decisions. Live shopping on Instagram can also be used to promote time-limited promotions and discounts. A recent Worldline study found that live shopping events increased conversion rates by 39%.


Instagram DMs can be an effective tool for selling products. These direct messages enable you to reach people with a specific interest. You can use them to market your products or ask them for feedback. DMs are also a great place to invite your followers to check out your latest posts. Using DMs can increase the number of impressions you get from your posts by 45%. You can also send out contests to your followers, but make sure you notify them in the DMs. Since the algorithms on Instagram don’t always show your posts in your feed, sending an invitation to your followers in DMs is the best way to get maximum exposure.

If you want to sell on Instagram, DMs are the best place to reach potential buyers. This method works best if your products are high-end and you have low order volume. For example, a high-end vintage camera seller won’t have a lot of inventory and will sell out within minutes of posting the product photos. You can build your brand and reach more people by engaging with them and posting thoughtful, unique content.

Using DMs will allow you to build a connection with your followers and close sales. It’s important not to spam your followers with your sales messages and try to build a genuine conversation. This way, you won’t seem like a pushy salesperson. However, it’s important to understand how to woo your followers through DMs.

Sprout’s analytics

Sprout’s analytics for selling on Facebook and Instagram can help you optimize your time on the social network. The company’s own analysis of 20K users’ engagement rates and posts indicates the best times to post. You can schedule posts on the go and view analytics reports from a single dashboard.

Instagram isn’t built with its own analytics platform, but it partners with leading social media analytics providers. You can easily pull Instagram analytics data into Sprout Social’s analytics dashboard. Sprout Social’s free 30-day trial also lets you see how the platform works.

Sprout’s Instagram reports span network, profile, and post-level data. You can also customize reports to view your data across different profiles and export it as CSV for further analysis. The platform also lets you create and view a snapshot of your most engaged media. Sprout offers a variety of customizable reporting options, so you can see which content and posts are resonating best with your audience.

Sprout also allows you to schedule posts to Instagram and Facebook. It automatically finds the best content to share on each social network and ensures that your posts are always the right time. It also provides a central location for all your content assets. You can create, edit, and publish them all from one central location.